Saturday, November 22, 2008

Je voudrais un croissant

Well, our week in Paris has come to an end, and in the grand tradition of good vacations, I returned home to London exhausted, sore, frizzy, and stinky. This just got a little too personal.

Anyways, France was AMAZING. The professors basically gave us a list of suggested points of interests and released us into the Parisian wilderness to fend for ourselves.

Roommate Rebbie and I made ourselves at home right away in our posh hotel room. I was lucky enough to call the nacho cheesier-Dorito themed bed my own for the week.

Stop one was the Eiffel Tower, of course...and yes the above picture is courtesy of Coolpix. I should publish a coffee table book of all of Coolpix's best images, and I expect that it would sit on some of the world's classiest coffee tables.
The gang in front of the Tower at night. You know these girls are all totally awesome because, to my knowledge, no one was ever tempted to kill anyone else even after spending five consecutive days with each other.

Me at the Louvre! I loved the Louvre, so much so that I felt compelled to make several jokes involving pronouncing "love" like "Louvre"--the majority of these were in my head, and I received well-deserved eye rolls from Alexandra Ann Thomas when I said the rest of them out loud. I did, in fact, see the Mona Lisa, and yes it was rather small and anticlimactic, but I am so excited to now be one of those people who can crush the dreams of people who think it's a big, cool painting.

Here we are in front of the gardens at Versailles, which was BEAUTIFUL and definitely not anticlimactic. It was incredibly cold, but that didn't stop us from walking all the way down to this bomb fountain of which Coolpix managed to get--what else--a cool pic.

I'm probably going to decorate my basement dungeon exactly like Marie Antoinette's bedroom when I go home in December.

The Arc d'Triomphe--is it pretentious for me to spell it like that, especially when I cannot speak French at all, besides counting to ten?--was so cool and unbelievably massive.

It is no exaggeration to say that all but approximately one-fourth of my euros were spent on food. Here at a creperie on the Rue Mouffetard, Sara, Alex, and I prepare to devour the most amazing crepes humanity has ever seen: full of cheese, onions, potatoes, ham, lettuce, tomatoes, and love. I wrote more in my journal about that crepe than I did about the Eiffel Tower, and if that isn't love, I don't know what is.

Me posing for the obligatory solo shot for my potential scrapbook in front of Notre Dame Cathedral. Luckily for all involved parties, I was too excited to do anything idiotic with my arms (please see solo picture of me in front of the Louvre, above). Notre Dame was tots one of my top ten favorite cathedrals so far, which is a list I have not yet composed but now fully intend to make.

That concludes this look into another unbelievably incredible week of my previously uneventful and unadventurous life. I have no idea how I will keep myself entertained when it's all over, but that is far too morbid a thought so never mind.


  1. Jordyn, my young padowan learner, I'm so proud of you. You went from "Jhay voodway oon crescont" to a regular French woman! (I just pictured you dressed up as Lumiere and not going to lie, you look good in gold. And fire)

    And you know the rolled eyes from the Louvre jokes were only given with the same love and sincerity that I have when I do the tender chin grab.

  2. cool pixs is da bomb. cool pixs is to your blog as milk is to the body.


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