Monday, November 10, 2008

The last two months of my life in thirty seconds

Although I am doing something truly exciting for the first time in my life by living in London, England for four months--and I should have been painstakingly documenting every waking moment of this experience online two months ago, I know--I have procrastinated the formation of a blog until the trip is more than half over...but here it is! The past two months have been chock full of unbelievable adventures and some of the best times I've ever had...but the fun and insanity would be lost in any long-winded paragraphs I could post here, so I've decided to just put up a crapload of pictures and if you really want to know their accompanying stories, just ask me. I honestly am dying to tell you.

Obligatory disclaimer: I am, as I said, new at this, so these pictures are not in any sort of order. At all. I think the ones from the beginning of the trip are actually at the bottom.

Halloween: a holiday not embraced by the Brits. We stuck it to the man and dressed up as Peter Pan and crew anyways. Please draw your attention to me as Captain Hook.

I have never felt more feminine or poised

Captain Hook standing in two hemispheres at once

Gang in front of the London Eye

Gang in front of Big Ben

Ok we seriously looked so good.

The Edinburgh Castle in Edinburgh, Scotland...we look this good because of the misery that is Scottish weather.

Don't let the rainbow fool you--this is a land of hellish climate

Despite the biting cold, 50 mph wind, and torrential rain, Scotland really was awesome

Yes I vandalized the top of St. Paul's Cathedral with my initials in Sharpie, and no, I really could not be more hardcore, thank you for asking.

Piccadilly Circus is cool even when you're embarking on a doomed search for Robert Downey Jr.--another story for another blog.

The home of Shakespeare's cougar of a baby mama, Anne Hathaway in Stratford

A terrifying, Myspace-esque picture I took of myself in Regent's Park under the pretense that I wanted to document the beauty of the park...this was a lie. I just thought my hair looked good that day and needed proof for later.

Unfortunately this is a recurring, instinctual pose when I pose for solo pictures. I am so sorry.

Porthcurno Beach, possibly near Penzance? All they told us was that we were traveling west.

Tower Bridge along the Thames...this was before we even really knew each other! Weird

London Eye and my favorite Big Ben

me alone at Stonehenge...really there were other people there.

My beautiful home on Palace Court!


  1. Jordyn I am so excited to have you in the blogosphere (and yes, that is the technical term). Plus now I'm not the under"blog" anymore.
    I must go now. I used "blog" in way too many places.


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