Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Ode to Coolpix

Over the years, many have balked at my beloved camera--at its great mass, its inability to fit into any pocket of any form of pants, the lack of options of cases for cameras who are, how do I put this, plus-size...but Coolpix gets the job done.

See Alex attempting to get a good picture out of her Oylmpus camera? What she needs is a Nikon--just look at those colors.
Tintern Abbey of Wales is already majestic and breathtaking...but look at Coolpix's interpretation.
Even with the flash off, Coolpix operates like a pro and shoots an electric picture of the London Eye.

The Stourhead gardens in Wiltshire, England have never looked so beauteous as they do through this lens.
Coolpix works its magic on Malvern Hill
Coolpix, amidst all the chaos present at the Body of Lies UK premiere, managed to remain calm and collected and captured a miraculously clear shot of Leonardo DiCaprio.

O Coolpix, you verb my noun.


  1. COOLPIX!!!! We all envy your trusty and sytlish camera.

  2. cool pix is quite the behemoth but we love him nevertheless.

  3. Hey, everyone says size doesn't matter, but coolpix proves them wrong.

    Oh and thanks for the derogatory Zeus shout out.


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