Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Okay, it's been approximately 2 weeks? 3 weeks? (I am too lazy to open up another window and check the actual date of my last blog) Anyway, I've been home in Colorado for a while, and thus away from London for a while as well.


1. I filled approximately 3/4 of Joanna (my Subaru)'s tank for $10. Such a difference from the $3.90 I paid per gallon of gas this summer!

2. My hair is now dark brown, a contrast from the honey-ish blonde that it previously was. A picture, for proof.

3. My family apparently DID read my blog at least once and took notice of my list of toys I never had when I was a child growing up in the nineties: they got me a K'nex rollercoaster! Ok, so it's not K'nex brand, but you can roll marbles down it, and it hooks up to your iPod and plays music! So awesome!

More changes to be documented later.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Where My Money Has Gone

The things on which I have spent the most money in London this semester are 1. Christmas presents, 2. Primark, and 3. FOOD. Not exaggerating... at least I hope I'm kind of exaggerating. But look at what I have tempting me everyday, and try to tell me that you would have been able to abstain.

Ok, so Primark usually isn't too tempting. (And yes Rebbie I stole this picture off of your blog, but it was brilliant so thank you for being such a natural at advertising and designing.) But look at these:
Borough Market

This is the best sandwich I have ever eaten. Glorious English cheese, plus onions, plus sourdough bread equals £4 worth of taste bud-tingling goodness.

Among the other thousands of foods offered at Borough Market, there is this particular cart that sells every kind of dried fruit, chocolate covered-______ (fill in the blank with anything divine), and nuts seasoned with ...seasonings (after writing 13 essays this week, I have lost the will to think of synonyms) imaginable. My personal favorites include the white chocolate-covered raspberries, the Jamaican jerk cashews, and the cinnamon dried apples.

Magnum Ice Cream Bars
I think I've eaten, on average, 3.5 Magnums a week. They come in all different, not-entirely-equally delicious flavors, the best being Mayan Mystica, Ecuadorian dark, and mint. I do not recommend wholeheartedly white chocolate or double caramel.

Oddly enough, as I have gotten older (20), the pictures I take make me look younger and younger. So sad. I mean, look how hard I'm trying in this picture. Pitiful.

Anywayz, Eat has yet to disappoint me. Alex and I have stayed ever-faithful to the popular London restaurant chain, popping over to its Bayswater location to check on the soup of the day and always hoping to see French Onion (me) or Pumpkin (Alex) written on the dry erase board behind the counter.

I'm going to miss this.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

13 Things I Kind of Sort of Don't Always Enjoy or Love About My New Favorite City in the World

The time has devastatingly come when I can count the days I have left in London on seven fingers. I will be wrenched away from this beautiful city next Tuesday, a fact that I am reluctant to accept. In a pathetic and doomed attempt to wean myself off of London, here is a list of things I WON'T miss.

1. Surprises we have affectionately called "floaters" in the toilets that just won't flush

2. Sleeping with one pillow when I am used to using a minimum of three (except for that glorious night when I borrowed Alex's extra pillow)

3. Those nights we run downstairs to the servery craving study toast, only to find that we are tragically out of Nutella

4. Four papers, four finals, endless volumes of reading assignments, and Shakespeare lines to memorize--all in one week

5. The inability to use cell phones to tell our friends when we have changed the day's plans

6. Poot once a week for dinner

7. I miss Mexican food

8. Having to type up everything, including this blog post, down in the classroom away from humanity

9. Those days when the Circle line takes approximately three hours to get from Notting Hill Gate to South Kensington, especially on those days when Anna and I are late to church because I just had to get that one piece of hair straight

10. Remember when the exchange rate was 1.85? That sucked.

11. Awkward showering rituals

12. Two options for water temperature: boiling lava hot or Antarctic ice cube cold

13. That Saturday I foolishly stepped into Primark, where I am sure I left my soul to be ravaged by the wolves that tore apart every single shelf. Also I thought I would never see Lauren Hunt, one of the few humans left in this world who understands "Arthur" the way I do, again.

There. These thirteen things can TOTALLY hold their own against the 1,000,000,000,000,000 things that I will miss forever about London. I just pity the person I sit next to on my flight next week, for I will be weeping while involuntarily clawing at the window the entire nine hours of the flight.

Look at these chicas--aren't they hot?

Oh yeah, I also won't miss the Natural History Museum's scale model of a blue whale. Okay, so I will miss it a little bit.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Remember, Remember, the 2nd of December

Well, it actually came: today is my twentieth birthday! Yesterday I was having some internal quarter-life crisis freak outs, but I've decided, with help from my friends, that it's totally cool and not scary to be turning twenty. This is the start of a whole new decade, one in which I can look back on all my awkward and embarrassing times from the last decade with touching nostalgia, saying, "How sweet it is that I was so naive," rather than "I can't believe I did that yesterday."

I don't look or feel different, by the way. I'm not even acting different. I fell asleep to the Disney movie Meet the Robinsons playing on my iPod last night, and I just finished watching the birthday episode of the classic PBS cartoon, "Arthur", on Youtube, courtesy of my good friend Lauren Hunt, who gave me the link.

But enough about me. I am now going to honor people who share this glorious birthday--folk who understand how amazing it feels to have their birth as a perfect segway between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

1. Britney Spears
Say what you will about Britney, but she will always hold a special, warm, reach-over-and-ruffle-your-hair kind of soft spot in my heart, and not just because we were both born on December 2nd. Remember the old, "...Baby One More Time" Britney? That girl was my inspiration for so many aspects of my life. "(You Drive Me) Crazy" not only taught me all about love, but it also showed me that excessive parentheses are both hip and totally useful. This picture is from the "From the Bottom of my Broken Heart" (to which I totally related in fifth grade, I'm sure--notice my parenthetical anecdote that could have easily been done with commas!), which was the EXACT LOOK I was going for in sixth grade: bucket hat, face-framing bangs, and short curly bob. Unfortunately, I was not blessed with a face like Ms. Spears (she looks good even with transition face--more parentheses!), so my sorry attempts at being the totally hot approachable-yet-unattainable girl-next-door were futile.

2. Lucy Liu
I honestly don't know very much about her, besides the fact that she was in Charlie's Angels and Kung Fu Panda. Plus check it out here she is with Robert Downey Jr! Lucy Liu and I have the same birthday, RDJ and I are currently in the same city...I think Google Image Search is trying to tell me that I am going to find RDJ before I go home. It's destiny.

3. Georges Seurat
You know this painting from the classic John Hughes film, Ferris Beuller's Day Off, but my superiorly-minded Humanities 202 friends and I know that this painting, Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte, was painted by Georges Seurat, the Impressionist artist. He and I share the same day of birth, but I come out on top when one examines our Chinese Zodiac animals: Seurat's the year of the sheep, while mine is year of the dragon (1988). BAM

And now a photo of Rebbie and me during a pigeon attack for all of you to enjoy.