Tuesday, December 9, 2008

13 Things I Kind of Sort of Don't Always Enjoy or Love About My New Favorite City in the World

The time has devastatingly come when I can count the days I have left in London on seven fingers. I will be wrenched away from this beautiful city next Tuesday, a fact that I am reluctant to accept. In a pathetic and doomed attempt to wean myself off of London, here is a list of things I WON'T miss.

1. Surprises we have affectionately called "floaters" in the toilets that just won't flush

2. Sleeping with one pillow when I am used to using a minimum of three (except for that glorious night when I borrowed Alex's extra pillow)

3. Those nights we run downstairs to the servery craving study toast, only to find that we are tragically out of Nutella

4. Four papers, four finals, endless volumes of reading assignments, and Shakespeare lines to memorize--all in one week

5. The inability to use cell phones to tell our friends when we have changed the day's plans

6. Poot once a week for dinner

7. I miss Mexican food

8. Having to type up everything, including this blog post, down in the classroom away from humanity

9. Those days when the Circle line takes approximately three hours to get from Notting Hill Gate to South Kensington, especially on those days when Anna and I are late to church because I just had to get that one piece of hair straight

10. Remember when the exchange rate was 1.85? That sucked.

11. Awkward showering rituals

12. Two options for water temperature: boiling lava hot or Antarctic ice cube cold

13. That Saturday I foolishly stepped into Primark, where I am sure I left my soul to be ravaged by the wolves that tore apart every single shelf. Also I thought I would never see Lauren Hunt, one of the few humans left in this world who understands "Arthur" the way I do, again.

There. These thirteen things can TOTALLY hold their own against the 1,000,000,000,000,000 things that I will miss forever about London. I just pity the person I sit next to on my flight next week, for I will be weeping while involuntarily clawing at the window the entire nine hours of the flight.

Look at these chicas--aren't they hot?

Oh yeah, I also won't miss the Natural History Museum's scale model of a blue whale. Okay, so I will miss it a little bit.


  1. hahah....I should make a copy of this and read it on the plane.

  2. I can't believe the ultimate debasement of the spark of human life (Kitchen Krew) wasn't on your list.
    Or when you go down for breakfast and there's nothing but [mother's] fresh milk for you to pour across your poor and unsuspecting cinnamon toast (in my case almond) crunch.

    I'm going to miss this place. . .

  3. the mention of my name is much appreciated.

  4. Dude. Circle line = Satan's agent on Sundays for us. And it's usually me that's late... lo siento.

    P.s. Please claw the window at random intervals throughout the flight.


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