Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Remember, Remember, the 2nd of December

Well, it actually came: today is my twentieth birthday! Yesterday I was having some internal quarter-life crisis freak outs, but I've decided, with help from my friends, that it's totally cool and not scary to be turning twenty. This is the start of a whole new decade, one in which I can look back on all my awkward and embarrassing times from the last decade with touching nostalgia, saying, "How sweet it is that I was so naive," rather than "I can't believe I did that yesterday."

I don't look or feel different, by the way. I'm not even acting different. I fell asleep to the Disney movie Meet the Robinsons playing on my iPod last night, and I just finished watching the birthday episode of the classic PBS cartoon, "Arthur", on Youtube, courtesy of my good friend Lauren Hunt, who gave me the link.

But enough about me. I am now going to honor people who share this glorious birthday--folk who understand how amazing it feels to have their birth as a perfect segway between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

1. Britney Spears
Say what you will about Britney, but she will always hold a special, warm, reach-over-and-ruffle-your-hair kind of soft spot in my heart, and not just because we were both born on December 2nd. Remember the old, "...Baby One More Time" Britney? That girl was my inspiration for so many aspects of my life. "(You Drive Me) Crazy" not only taught me all about love, but it also showed me that excessive parentheses are both hip and totally useful. This picture is from the "From the Bottom of my Broken Heart" (to which I totally related in fifth grade, I'm sure--notice my parenthetical anecdote that could have easily been done with commas!), which was the EXACT LOOK I was going for in sixth grade: bucket hat, face-framing bangs, and short curly bob. Unfortunately, I was not blessed with a face like Ms. Spears (she looks good even with transition face--more parentheses!), so my sorry attempts at being the totally hot approachable-yet-unattainable girl-next-door were futile.

2. Lucy Liu
I honestly don't know very much about her, besides the fact that she was in Charlie's Angels and Kung Fu Panda. Plus check it out here she is with Robert Downey Jr! Lucy Liu and I have the same birthday, RDJ and I are currently in the same city...I think Google Image Search is trying to tell me that I am going to find RDJ before I go home. It's destiny.

3. Georges Seurat
You know this painting from the classic John Hughes film, Ferris Beuller's Day Off, but my superiorly-minded Humanities 202 friends and I know that this painting, Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte, was painted by Georges Seurat, the Impressionist artist. He and I share the same day of birth, but I come out on top when one examines our Chinese Zodiac animals: Seurat's the year of the sheep, while mine is year of the dragon (1988). BAM

And now a photo of Rebbie and me during a pigeon attack for all of you to enjoy.


  1. Happy, Happy Birthday Jordyn! The twenties are the best! (and I should know because I have been in them for the last two years!) Hope your birthday week is great! megs

  2. ahhh this was fantastic
    you are the best (blogger ever).
    happy birthday!() () () (back in the day i learned that paranthesis equate to hugs on the internet. take that for what it's worth)

    (i also just spelled internet, "internate" on my first try.)

  3. I have nothing clever to contribute. I hope your birthday was as good as britney spears's (who probably got wasted and showed her girl parts to the media.)


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