Saturday, December 13, 2008

Where My Money Has Gone

The things on which I have spent the most money in London this semester are 1. Christmas presents, 2. Primark, and 3. FOOD. Not exaggerating... at least I hope I'm kind of exaggerating. But look at what I have tempting me everyday, and try to tell me that you would have been able to abstain.

Ok, so Primark usually isn't too tempting. (And yes Rebbie I stole this picture off of your blog, but it was brilliant so thank you for being such a natural at advertising and designing.) But look at these:
Borough Market

This is the best sandwich I have ever eaten. Glorious English cheese, plus onions, plus sourdough bread equals £4 worth of taste bud-tingling goodness.

Among the other thousands of foods offered at Borough Market, there is this particular cart that sells every kind of dried fruit, chocolate covered-______ (fill in the blank with anything divine), and nuts seasoned with ...seasonings (after writing 13 essays this week, I have lost the will to think of synonyms) imaginable. My personal favorites include the white chocolate-covered raspberries, the Jamaican jerk cashews, and the cinnamon dried apples.

Magnum Ice Cream Bars
I think I've eaten, on average, 3.5 Magnums a week. They come in all different, not-entirely-equally delicious flavors, the best being Mayan Mystica, Ecuadorian dark, and mint. I do not recommend wholeheartedly white chocolate or double caramel.

Oddly enough, as I have gotten older (20), the pictures I take make me look younger and younger. So sad. I mean, look how hard I'm trying in this picture. Pitiful.

Anywayz, Eat has yet to disappoint me. Alex and I have stayed ever-faithful to the popular London restaurant chain, popping over to its Bayswater location to check on the soup of the day and always hoping to see French Onion (me) or Pumpkin (Alex) written on the dry erase board behind the counter.

I'm going to miss this.

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  1. Is there anything else to spend your pounds on?
    If it weren't for EAT I think I may have had enough money to purchase Buckingham Palace.
    Or at least one of the crown jewels.


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