Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Keeps great and small on the endless round

I have learned many a nugget of wisdom from Disney movies. I recently learned from the 1998 classic, Brink, that you should never abandon your friends to join a sponsored rollerblading team (SOUL SK8RS 4 LIFE). I also learned that The Hunchback of Notre Dame is totally NOT for children: it is

a.) terrifying
b.) heartbreaking
c.) not funny, despite the vocal stylings of George Costanza
d.) surprisingly and disturbingly sexy, when you combine Esmerelda's gypsy dancing and that bad guy's song about lust (which both also fall under the "terrifying" category*

The Lion King also packs a powerful parabolic punch, teaching children and twenty-year-olds alike that when we find our place on that path unwinding, it's the circle...the circle of life. Well the circle has kept on turning for one of my prized possessions, and unfortunately it has been smushed beneath that circle. 

Alas my favorite keychain from Walt Disney World! With Cinderella's castle etched inside! Why do beautiful things have to die?!

This little keychain has seen some rough times. My sister Erin carelessly dropped it once, carving the once perfect rectangle into a hideous, jagged prism. However, this time it was my own fault for leaving my keys too close to the edge of the kitchen table.

Luckily, all is not lost; my dear friend Carly J. Curtis, during her gig at the homeland in Orlando as Alice in Wonderland, bought me a new keychain after Erin chipped the original one...so the situation is actually alright.
The circle of life comes into play now: with the loss of one good thing, comes the welcoming of an absolutely great thing. Thanks to the wonderful Lauren Hunt, I am now the proud owner of my very own "Arthur" episode, starring me! The episode, "Arthur's New Friend", is literally all about me.

Here I am, ecstatic

And here is an excerpt, for your viewing pleasure. Sorry that my little brother and I are laughing throughout. And I make a weird noise at about 0:26. 

*Sometimes love should be...terrifying...


  1. I effing love you.

    1) put me down for a truckload of those winston glowworm dolls. They are gonna be hot-sellers. genius!

    2) Everything in your post is so true. Hunchback is frighteningly sexy... or sexily frightening.... either way.

    3) Lauren is basically the coolest girl around for making you that movie!!! I was laughing hysterically. My roommates definitely thought something was wrong with me!

  2. I'm so glad you like it jord. I miss you.

  3. 2 Pensieve posts?! Just when I think this day can't get any better!
    Jordyn. We have a problem. The receiver is out on my downstairs TV and I have missed not only ANTM rerun marathons on Oxygen, but SCRUBS! Especially a buzzkill episode... Something is rotten in the household of Thomas.


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