Friday, February 6, 2009



-anything monogrammed/personalized with my name. This probably stems from the childhood trauma of never finding anything--and I never will find anything without special ordering it--with my name on it. JordAn, however, is quite prevalent.


{look at the guy's hand..I think..holding them--these puppies are TEENY!!}

-$5 DVDs...every movie's my favorite and thus a necessity for my DVD repertoire at that price!

-little glasses

-the pet store at the mall...see above for "puppies"

-nail polish

-"America's Next Top Model"

-anything and everything Harry Potter. The other day I almost bought a wizard chess set at Borders, and it's on sale, and maybe I'll go back tomorrow and buy it.

-items I get to personalize myself, such as these cardboard, eco-friendly, color-them-yourself iPod speakers I just bought

{a mere $16 at Urban Outfitters}

{another angle, showcasing the Y and N of my name}

-tights, lately. It doesn't help that I work at a shoe store, where kazillions of tights are sold.

-"That '70s Show". It is ALWAYS on TV, and it's ALWAYS the same episodes, but for some reason I watch it every single time. Isn't that awful?

-Remember the Titans...I have yet to watch this movie without crying. It is SO GOOD


  1. Jordyn you are a gem of a blogger. You inspire me.

    I say get the chess set. Anything with Harry's name on it is a good investment.

  2. Whoa. Hold up! ATNM is my fave.
    How did I not know this?!

    I almost bought a time-turner necklace in London for 60 gbp. Now I regret it. I second the motion!

  3. Those speakers are fabulous! One girl has them here and they are the cause of all jealousy here at the JC. Excellent purchase.


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