Friday, February 20, 2009

Utah-kin to me?

Don't be intimidated, I'm definitely not clever enough to create such a hilarious pun as in this post's title...I saw it on "The Colbert Report" (from which the majority of clever things come!). But I love President's Day--is it President's or Presidents'? Why does that look so weird?--because it gives me an entire weekend to spend in Provo, Utah with my friends!!! It was a glorious trip, filled with '80s dancing, snowshoeing, Cafe Rio, and America's Next Top Model. And those special chocolate donuts one only seems to find at the Thomas house. Unfortunately, my Coolpix trigger finger has gotten rather rusty since I've been home from London and don't have daily things to document photographically, so I have few pictures to chronicle the trip. Here's a good one:


Oh and here's a list I composed at work today.

CHOICES THAT DEFINE A PERSON (continued from the one I made in London)
*my choices are italicized*
Backstreet Boys or NSYNC?
Hallows or horcruxes?
Oscars or Grammys?
"Daily Show" or "Colbert Report"?
Disneyworld or Universal Studios?
"Scrubs" or "Grey's Anatomy"?
Chocolate or vanilla? (Although it depends for me...are we talking about ice cream?)
Rihanna or Beyonce?
Twilight or Harry Potter? (And if ANY of you are even THINKING Twilight, or that the two are tied, or any other such blasphemous thought, get ready for a world of hurt)
Pitt or Clooney?
Pearls or diamonds?
Dogs or cats?
Beatles or Elvis?

What other character-defining choices are there?


  1. orange juice: pulp or no pulp. I'm a high pulp girl.

    and I'm sad I didn't see you in Utah!!!

  2. Looks so much fun! And your list just proves why we are such good friends. Anyone who can even categorize Harry P and Twi together is seriously kidding themselves.

  3. vanilllaaa... diamonds... pitt... and POTTER... ew twilight. although i am glad to say that we were able to take part in the joyous (and by joyous i mean incredibly hilarious but in a painfully horrible way) occasion of watching that movie together.

  4. ummm obviously. MINT OR MAYAN MYSTICA? i'm having serious myan withdrawals. i haaaaaate that i didn't see you last week :( miss you


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