Saturday, March 21, 2009

Isn't it about...time?

This 100% factual video warms my heart more than Remember the Titans, the hit country song "Live Like You Were Dying", and Justin Timberlake combined, especially with the Aerosmith soundtrack which fills my head with images of asteroids and Bruce Willis. I've shown it to many of you, and now people who accidentally stumble onto this blog will see it and perhaps stay on here longer than the usual 0:01 seconds, allowing their lives to change forever.


  1. thank you for that, jordan. I'll never be the same.

  2. jordYn!!!! ugh! Sorry. I understand the frustrations of name misspellings... deepest apologies.

  3. I've probably seen that video about 437 times (at least 3 were right now on your blog) since you first introduced me to lion love and I'm STILL crying like a baby.
    It gets the tears flowing faster than Extreme Makeover Home Edition or the animated hit movie of Bolt. (highly recommend it. If you think John Travolta and Miley Cyrus could never successfully do a movie together--then you're just flat wrong)


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