Thursday, March 26, 2009

Oh the weather outside is frightful

This was the view from my dashboard today, driving home from work--a feat which normally takes approximately eight minutes, and today it took an HOUR. Once I passed the stoplight in this picture--trust me, it's there, even though you can't see it and it's a mere thirty feet away--traffic halted and I kept on creeping at ten miles per hour. Dads were making their sons get out and push their trucks up hills, cars were driving against the flow of traffic in order to...well I'm still not clear on their intentions. Either way, chaos reigned in the 303 today.

As most of you...okay one of you probably know(s) already, the famous Jett Jackson himself, Lee Thompson Young, has joined the cast of "Scrubs"! Even if your stay on one of the best TV shows ever made is only for one episode, it was totally worth it to see how well you've aged. Oh how we've missed you, LTY*'s been so long since you co-starred in Johnny Tsunami!

*What is with the epic hotness level of thrice-initial'd men? LTY, RDJ, JTT... Am I leaving anyone out?


  1. Just when I think scrubs can't possibly win any more of my praise and affection, they pull something like this.
    Too brilliant.
    Especially since, as much as I hate to admit it, Donald Faison isn't exactly in his clueless years.
    Although he's still DA BOMB!

  2. Oh Lee Thompson Young. It's about time he got back in the spotlight, he makes me sweat in places that shouldn't. Jordyn I simply cannot wait for you to return to us, it's going to be bitchin to say the least.

  3. This is the happiest thing I have ever seen in my life. Happier than when Johnny Tsunami wins the duel for the other side of the mountain!


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