Thursday, August 27, 2009

Provo, Je'Taime

Summer 2009 is officially bidding farewell--it's been a beaut involving the Brethren Jonas, Harry Potter, dance parties, the Vespa, and VH1. Today Alex, Nikki, and I sent summer off in style at a farmers' market in the heart of Provo.

{The Aryan fist is mine.}

{without even asking, stall owners bestowed gifts of Snicks,
brownies, chocolate milk, and donuts upon us!}


Thank you Provo for a most excellent summer vacation. Now I must brave the lunatics clogging up University Avenue and prepare for class on Monday...

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  1. What a perfect summer it's been eh bed wetter? That was the best way to send off summer in all it's unpure glory.


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