Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Eternal Insanity of the Cluttered Mind

I argue that a person can be defined not by the notes she takes, but by the things she feels compelled to write when she is bored in class.

{Nothing has been altered. I really am this weird. Only words in [ ]'s have been added after.}
[under a doodle of my name in cursive] Beautiful. Put this on some cowboy boots.
[under a doodle] not going to front--this is one killer treble clef

[referring to a classmate] crazy Ren Stevens in Cadet Kelly
I think I have BO. This is humiliating.
I cannot be held responsible for my daydreams.
Little Things for Which I'm Grateful: I don't have toe thumbs. [apparently that's all I came up with.]

guy in 292 is such an odd mix of [unnamed person to protect my...dignity?], Wormtail, and Dane Cook.

Oh man. It's 6:00. We have 1 hr 40 min left. I can't stay awake

There are 2 definite crazies in here, possibly more

Colin Farrell is so hot
I'm starting my 6th semester of college. What.
my fingers smell like soup from those SunChips. I'm not complaining. Except it's making me really hungry.

If I passed out, I'd be so embarrassed for people to see my notes [so true...]

What is voyeurism again?

NECESITO IR AL BAÑO y hace mucho tiempo [not sure, in hindsight, if this is correct Spanish.]
I can't even remember what credit I'm fulfilling with this class

Fido--where did this name come from? Why is it a cliché name for dogs?

My Favorite Founding Fathers:
1. George Washington
2. Thomas Jefferson
3. Ben Franklin
4. Alexander Hamilton
5. John Hancock

Hugh Jackman is the epitome of Man. Big, trustworthy, hairy, tan, sweaty, good at fighting, rides horses, scruffy...and yet he has the voice of a chorus angel.
Theses feces

I look so horrible right now. Whatever. I'll go home and shower and turn into Cinderella at the ball
Quotation floatation vocation invocation evocation Croatian rotation

Yep, I'm crazy. I'm not even going to bother pretending that I didn't take this picture with my cell phone while watching 4 episodes of "The Office" in between class and work. Why front?


  1. This is CanadyInsanity if I've ever seen it! But I'd like to find one person who doesn't have a crazy thought after enduring three hours of an evening literature class.

    Oh and my margins are filled with fantasies about you know who in 293. Or Johnny Lingo. That is if armypantsflipflopstwokids doesn't sideswipe my game...

  2. hugh jackman comment is my favorite.

  3. If you're weird then I'm nerdy because I learned in Spanish class that "Fido" comes from some Latin word like "fidel" which means fidelity which means faithful. So if your dog is faithful, it's not cliche.
    Love, Yours

  4. Alarie I am actually really happy to have learned this! That's so cool


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