Thursday, September 3, 2009

I could've used this nine months ago

{from a brochure I picked up near the BYU International Study Program Office}
"[Upon returning from one's study abroad,] Some students return home and slip easily back into their school and family life. Others experience a degree of reverse culture shock, which can even bring depression-like symptoms lasting several days or several months...
Some common [aha! COMMON! There are dozens of us, dozens!!] signs of reverse culture shock are
  • frustration
  • boredom
  • loneliness
  • missing people and places from abroad
  • need for excessive sleep

Don't suppress your feelings, but focus on how you can integrate the old and new you."

27 Palace Court, it's been 361 days since the taxi dropped an exhausted and disbelieving Jordyn off on your doorstep, and I still love everything about you.

...Except all that re-entry emotional crap this winter. But that could've been mostly my fault.


  1. Immaculate picture of the never nude. Thank you for reminding me that a once happier me really existed.
    Somewhere. Out there. In a place where dreams came true.


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