Monday, September 14, 2009

Project Greenlight on the Beach

So how delightful is this picture?

It makes me laugh so much that I may set it as my desktop background. All the pure emotions captured here are priceless: Ben's pride that he can stand on a surfboard while still feeling the underlying fear he may fall, Matt's joy and adoration for his best friend...not to mention those hilarious gams.

Doesn't this just make you believe in humanity?


  1. haha. only you would be capable of finding this caliber of pop culture treasure. i love that my most terrifying life moment made your blog.

  2. I knew I always loved him. Even when he was one of the only male celebrities I knew existed.
    Apart from Brad Pitt. And I only knew him because of that Shania Twain song. But even at that young of an age I knew it was tired to go for him.

  3. haha jords, i'm so glad i was there when you stumbled upon this little nugget of delightfulness and that you made a blog post about it! i am now gonna follow your blog and stalk you every now and again, k?


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