Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Mixed emotions

Good news:
  • Heart and Souls DVD came yesterday! Best $7 I've ever spent on Ebay. Until Reality Bites comes, which cost $4. [And obviously Dreamphone is exempt from this competish because it cost much more than $7.]
  • I got a Nature Valley Sweet and Salty peanut granola bar from the vending machine at work today.
  • I have some totally brill plans for Halloween costumes.
  • Today is John Cleese's 70th birthday.

Bad News:

  • It is snowing. I have to ride the Vespa home.
  • I saw Paranormal Activity last night. ...I'm still uneasy about doing, oh, ANYTHING by myself.
  • And I have to read Heart of Darkness for my Brit Lit class.
  • I look soo frumpalicious today, you don't even know. [especially because I was still too scared from PA to take a shower this morning...even though there's nothing about showers in that movie. I just can't get it out of my mind! Which is of course the mark of a great horror film, so kudos]


  1. reality bites! we must watch it! i cannot be more emphatic.

  2. I feel frump today too. bleh.

  3. Hearts and Souls absolutely evens out the Paranormal Activity uneasiness.

  4. You know what, it really does--not all spirits are evil! Most of them are like Kyra Sedgwick and friendly.


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