Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Save Kirsten

Ladies and gentlemen, disaster has struck.

Yesterday my mom forwarded me this email:

"Dear friend,

We’re writing with important news about one of the original American Girl dolls—Kirsten Larson®. We wanted you to know that soon, Kirsten’s complete collection will be moving into the American Girl Archives™.

As you may know, countless American Girl fans have found a friend in this brave pioneer girl since her introduction in 1986. Bringing Kirsten’s world to life—from starting at a new school in a strange land to celebrating her family’s time-honored traditions on St. Lucia’s Day—has been a journey we’ve enjoyed sharing.

As we bid Kirsten® a fond farewell, we do so knowing her departure will make it possible to introduce new characters and time periods for our customers to enjoy. In the meantime, don’t miss the opportunity to purchase items from Kirsten’s collection before it’s too late.

Sincerely, American Girl"

What in the world?!! This is so sad. I am one of those "countless fans"! I got Kirsten for my 8th birthday because she looked the most like me--you be the judge.

[little Jordyn on the first day of Kindergarten]

[Kirsten, as pristine as she was on my 8th birthday]

I just don't understand why they even have to knock any of the dolls off the market. Do they not have room? Maybe they should stop adding all those newfangled American Girl of Today dolls...those sluts. They're not even educational. Back in my day, kids LEARNED from their toys! (Picture me yelling this from a rocking chair on a porch while shaking my cane)

And why Kirsten?! Yeah I KNOW Samantha was always the prettiest and richest, and then Josefina was all popular because she was NEW and HISPANIC and BEAUTIFUL (she came out in 1997, by the old do you feel?) but Kirsten is a classic! She's been around since 1986! I wasn't even a fetus yet!

I am seriously very upset about this. Here are just some of the things my hypothetical daughters are missing out on:

Adorable school outfit, which I had/loved
Cute accessories--look at that tiny spoon!

This is horrible. Maybe I'm overreacting, but probably not. I'm going to make a t-shirt that says "SAVE KIRSTEN" and has this image on it:

Seriously. Can Gen X do that if I print out this picture for them?


  1. I would wear it! Kirsten was MY GIRL. I had like everything of hers. I dressed up as St. Lucia and gave cookies to my kindergarten class. Thank you mom. Kirsten, live on. LIVE ON!

  2. Are those Princess Jasmine Velcro Tennis Shoes you're wearing? I'm loving this picture. LOVING it!


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