Monday, November 16, 2009

This time last year...

This week (starting November 16th, which is also Carly J. Curtis' 22nd birthday!) last year we were off to Paris, a land of crepes great and small, gelato, a Jeff Koons explosion all over Versailles, Coolpix wonders (like this one^), and Alex nearly getting left in France.

I am so so so SO excited to go home for Thanksgiving! I just miss the days when "home" meant 27 Palace Court W24LP England, U.K.


  1. last thanksgiving was so dear!tea at kensington, breaking into "God Bless the USA" at dinner, and The Lion King. How could it get much better???

  2. oh what a time. paris. paris. paris.

    ps thank you for the link back to miss thomas's hilarious passport post. one of the top ten posts from all of our london blogs i would have to say.


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