Thursday, December 10, 2009

I've been thinking...about Harry Potter

Many BYU students, including myself, have a strong desire to transfer to Hogwarts for a semester, if not permanently, and prospective transfer students will need to how their current studies and credit hours will correspond at Hogwarts. Thus this list was made.


Elementary Education = Care of Magical Creatures

Marriage, Family, Human Development (MFHD) = Muggle Studies. What matters most here is "your enthusiasm, patience, and a good sense of fun!"

English = Divination. We are filled with a sense of superiority because we have analyzed classic literature and know things that, to the untrained mind, seem useless, but actually contain the meaning of life. So to speak. Much like Divination: "Parvati Patil and Lavender Brown had taken to haunting Trelawney's tower room at lunch times, and always returned with annoyingly superior looks on their faces, as though they knew things the others didn't."

Accounting = Arithmancy: it is boring and hard, but somebody has to do it.

History of Magic is practically a college course already, except that the professors don't enter through the fireplaces. And they're not ghosts.

Religion = Defense Against the Dark Arts, obviously

Foreign Languages = Ancient Runes...because you're deciphering...

Public Relations/Communications = Charms: they have to charm people by being friendly and...okay so I'm not really sure what this major entails exactly. But you have to be charming, right?

Chemistry (any science for that matter) = Potions. Yep.

Marketing/Advertising = Transfiguration: both of these are way more work than they may seem to innocent bystanders...and you're changing a product to the public eye...okay this one is a major stretch but whatever.

Grounds Crew = Herbology

I'm crazy but whatever.


  1. jordyn. your wit and genius never cease to amaze me. i'm always insecure about how to spell genius. i hope that's the right way.

  2. I wanted to write my comment in Ancient Runes, mainly so I could feel superior to everyone else, but my muggle keyboard won't let me.

    Let me just say that this post is just another one of the infinite reasons why I'm proud to call you my friend.

  3. Haha I love this! So perfect! I just found your blog via facebook. You are HIlarious my friend!


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