Wednesday, December 2, 2009

"You can't let it go, not even on your birthday"

Today is my 21st birthday! I'm an adult now, seriously. Don't be fooled by
  • the fact that I've bought Calvin and Hobbes, Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3, and the Harry Potter paperback boxed set on Ebay in the last month
  • the "I must not tell lies" Sharpie tattoo I've given myself two days in a row now...well how else is the message supposed to sink in?
  • the Iron Man notebook I use for doodling during class
  • my love for French fries
  • my listening to "Party in the USA" on repeat in the shower this morning
  • the rocks that I got
  • the fact that what I want most for Christmas is a Crayloa Color Explosion Glow Board

Nope, I am a bona fide adult, despite all of these things. I've even changed my age in my little blurb on your right, making the whole thing official.

Also happy birthday to my fellow December 2nd baby and old friend, Britney Spears. You've had a great year, and you're looking awesome lately.

And what movie is this title from?? Y'all know this one

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