Saturday, January 30, 2010

Blast from the Past

Check out this picture from a 2003 issue of Vanity we have Evan Rachel Wood, Hilary Duff, and Lindsay Lohan, all smiles and innocence. Isn't this freaky? Evan Rachel Wood is working but is also rumored to be engaged to Marilyn Manson, Duff's only noticed work last year was in the OM3 in this Blake Lively-heavy season of "Gossip Girl", and Lindsay Lohan is an insane, self-destructive pariah whose movies premiere on ABC Family instead of in actual theaters.

How the mighty fall...


  1. Wow! Not only do they all look like contributing members of society, but they even look like they've got their virginity still in tact! Little did we know that in the blink of an eye they'd become cheaper than the scarves in the Old City. Lindsay even cheaper.
    You know how I feel about Hilary...

  2. You're right, this IS weird. (Also, if you like Evan Rachel Wood, I highly recommend Whatever Works.)

    I was just watching The Parent Trap the other day - greatest movie ever made - and I miss Lindsay Lohan


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