Thursday, January 28, 2010

"Hey Kevin!...where are your brothers?"

Okay, I know that this makes two lust-centric, male objectification posts in a row, but here's what I watched last night:

Joe Jonas, ladies and gentlemen

Suddenly Joe is all grown up and looking AWESOME!! He looks even more pulchritudinous next to poor Randy.

Then to my excitement, I see this online today at work:

Now I'm full of confusion. I think Joe is still my favorite Jonas, buuut Nick is just racking up points left and right.

Never mind. Joe wins.


  1. I don't know, Jordyn. Joe's eyebrows are lookin a little Mike Huckabee in that last pic. And Nick DID just come out with his own solo album. . . haha. this post is gold. I really wish you had been with me when I watched a documentary about the Jonas Bros on E! Good? Too good.

  2. Oh hawt damn. Do you now realize the internal battle I've been having? On one side Joe is perfect and my age, and on the other Nick is slightly more perfect but younger. Cougar fo life.

  3. btw, love the caption. Never not funny.


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