Monday, January 11, 2010

MAN I am bored

Fictional Characters I Would Invite Over to Watch TV
  • Han Solo
  • Ron Weasley
  • Calvin and Hobbes
  • Liz Lemon
  • GOB and Buster Bluth
  • Turk and J.D.
  • Bret and Jemaine

Prized Possessions I'd Consider Turning into Horcruxes

  • "Arthur" DVD
  • new Celtic-esque necklace I got for Christmas that looks like it could've been designed centuries ago [though it wasn't]
  • that horcrux locket I made for my Merope costume with RDJ starring as Tom Riddle, Sr.
  • Pudge
  • my Minky blanket

...really? I can't think of anything else? And THESE are my most prized possessions? Welcome to the fabulous life of Jordyn Canady

Songs I Can Handle Before 9 A.M.

  • "Semi Charmed Life"--Third Eye Blind
  • "Here Comes My Baby"--Cat Stevens
  • the Halo mashup from "Glee"
  • "Catch My Disease"--Ben Lee
  • "Zak and Sara"--Ben Folds
  • "Morning has Broken"--Cat Stevens
  • "I'm Looking Through You"--the Beatles
  • "If She Wants Me"--Belle & Sebastian

Superpowers I Could Use Everyday

  • spidey web slinger wrists
  • that diamond-skin girl from Wolverine--for when I'm stuck scootering in the rain
  • Storm's weather-control would also come in handy for scootering
  • Dash from The Incredibles' super speed...I could leave my apartment at like 8:59 for my 9:00 class
  • Also I would like to be invisible whenever I want like Dash's sister

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  1. come watch tv with me. i just spent two great hours watching american idol.


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