Tuesday, January 12, 2010

TV is continually trying to ruin my life

I'm just innocently trying to watch Miss Congeniality on TV after a long, crappy day, and E! has done such a horrendous job of editing it that I can hardly enjoy it. Song montages ruined, commercials in the middle of scenes, jokes removed for no conceivable reason...horrible.

"My parents don't like anything ostentatious...and they really don't like fire"


  1. How dare they desecrate such a "cinematic gem" as Miss Congeniality! There is a reason we were on a manhunt to find this movie freshman year. Plus I did an audible sigh of jealousy when I saw this picture because Sandra really does look slammmmin.

  2. For Shame! I just watched the edited version of Almost Famous, and they took out the part when the quiet drummer yells "I'M GAY!!" on the plane. Well, I thought it was funny.


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