Sunday, January 3, 2010

Unintentional Sherlock Holmes Propaganda

WELL Christmas is over, and 2010 is already very different than 2009... but first! a recap of Christmas.
  • saw Sherlock Holmes not once, not twice, but THREE TIMES. (And there was very little arm-twisting involved; it was strictly fate. Except I sort of forced my family to go see it after I saw it once.) Call me crazy, but I loved it. I mean, we all knew I would, right? But it was a legitimately rockin movie, even if not everyone agrees with me, and here's why:
  1. Robert Downey Jr. knocks another one right out of the park with his acting, humor, and good looks
  2. Hans Zimmer provided possibly my favorite movie score EVER, with the exception of those by John Williams who is exempt from this competition because he is The might not care, but Hans also did Pirates of the Caribbean and Lion King. Sooo...yeah.
  3. Sweet fight scenes
  4. Jude Law is hot, too
  5. Um this was seriously a funny movie. Two guys who love each other are always funny. Two examples off the top of my head: Turk & J.D. and Butch & SundanceExhibit A
6. Remember how we saw them film a [very brief and sadly RDJ-less] scene in London last year?!a picture I took on the set...of course the lens cover was slightly closed on the corners but still.
  • Wow that was a lot longer than I'd planned, whatev. Christmas was also fun because my sister Erin got her wisdom teeth out, giving me a reason to sit on my butt and watch movies for 24 hours straight. In one day we watched The Santa Clause, The Grinch, some random movie that ended up being good called Nothing Like the Holidays, A Christmas Story, and the first two discs of "Pushing Daisies" season 1.
  • Christmas itself was very, very fun--games, food, new toys, slight frustration with each other due to the aforementioned games...but despite all the Canady Insanity, we love each other and it was a really great Christmas.
  • I read Harry Potters 1, 2, and half of 3
And now I'm back in sexy Provo, preparing for my sixteenth first day of school. There are a lot of ch-ch-changes happening around two of my best friends leaving for completely awesome study abroads (or studies abroad? So what who cares?). But two OTHER best friends are now joining me at BYU, so at least things are still even, right? Today feels weird and transition-y, and I can't wait to just have things settle. Sorry this is all feeling-y and full of words that aren't actual words.


  1. Here's fate working its magic again. I haven't even seen SH yet, what do you say?

  2. People are wrong, and you are right. Holmes was awesome. It was funny and Downey is phenom as usual and I'm so glad you pointed out the score! Amazing, yes?

    I knew I was going to love it ten minutes in when Robert said something like, "Be gentle with me Watson."

    Oh and you beat me. I only saw it twice.

  3. I would pay non-matinee, Saturday (which for some reason costs more) price just to watch the scene where they show him walking through that circus and making a disguise. It completely threw me the first time, and the music is so freakin good at that part!

    And Nikki, it's a date! Except don't worry, I'll pay for myself.


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