Monday, February 8, 2010


I hate being sick, but I especially hate being sick when I have to go to work. Because this means that I have to be sick WHILE WEARING BUSINESS CASUAL!!

Here's my little setup:
-orange juice (chugged already)
-hand sanitizer

I sound like such a dweeb answering the phones. My N's have turned into B's, and I've become a shameless mouth breather because I literally cannot breathe through my nose. Survey says: I'm disgusting.


  1. IRON MAN. Why, oh why, is Robert Downey Jr absent of all of the Iron Man merchandise? (I still love that notebook.)

  2. Blast the biz caz dizeezez! (totally digging the z's today) You know that if I were there I'd be nursing you back to health with a Soup at Hand and a spoonful of Arrested Development.


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