Friday, February 12, 2010

Ghosts of Christmases Past

Here they are: the fruits of my labor. I had to use some of my characteristically insane (yet effective!) Google searches. For example: in order to find that picture I posted a few days ago of those Magic Nursery babies, I typed "baby doll '90s wet eyes closed McDonald's Christmas soft body". And I eventually found it!

I included this Wedding Midge set just to prove that I really did have a Barbie named Midge, and it was her real, Mattel-given name. If I had named her myself, her name would have been Crystal, which I had thought was the most beautiful name a woman could have.

PS look at how hot Midge's husband is! His name is probably something like Butch or Hoss, but he is gooooodlookin'.

Okay, this was my favorite Barbie: Babysitter Skipper! She was everything I wanted to be when I was 6:

- a teenager
-a babysitter
-wearing an entirely fleece outfit
-literally crawling with babies

Plus I have this thing for secrets as well as a love for all things personalized, so I really appreciated that feature where your babies have their own unique names.

Ah, Beast Ken. He was great. My only complaints were that the Beast mask was really only conducive to one storyline and Ken's human hair was far too long--of course resulting in a disastrous haircut given by yours truly.

Belle was also great...I loooved the combination of Disney and Barbie. She came with two outfits: sassy bookworm-peasant girl jumper and sexy golden lovespell gown. The elbow-length gloves this came with were a B to put on, but they were so worth it.

Close up of Belle: she was so "Sailor Moon"

Troll Barbie is the epitome of nineties-era toys. And fashion.

And finally, Pet Pals Skipper: the self-proclaimed "cool teen sister of Barbie," Skipper came with her own dog (which my own real-life dog later chewed up), doggy supplies, and the most epic outfit the mortal world has ever seen--acid wash, neon, weird layers, giant crimped hair, and a Warhol print of Skipper's puppy. Outstanding.

Well, there you have it, some of my closest friends*.

*from the diary of Alexandra Thomas


  1. I loved the Beauty and the Beast barbies. I'm pretty sure I have them in a childhood box somewhere. They were the only ones I kept.

  2. Thank you for the nostalgic post. Made me remember my love affair with Barbie tm for those 12 years of my life. I may or may not put ken as my number 5.

  3. oh my word. this was the highlight of valentine's 2010 for me.

  4. omg. babysitter skipper. she's been tucked in my memory bank for like... fifteen years.

  5. I totally had that babysitter skipper and wanted a baby with hair longer than mine. My fav Barbie, Songbird Barbie. Those were the days.


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