Thursday, February 18, 2010

My mom rocks.

Happy birthday Mom! I love you so much.

So much that I wrote you some limericks.

There once was a cool mom named Suzy
As far as moms come, she's a doozy*
Though her daughter's a crazy
Demented and lazy
Mom has yet to pull out that Uzi.
[with which to blow me away.]

I'm sure I have the coolest Mom
I'm serious--she is the bomb
I give her such grief
No chance for relief
And yet so far she's remained calm.

My mom really likes Jon Bon Jovi
But not a lot rhymes with "Bon Jovi"
In one of his songs
A prayer he lives on
And he calls his rock band Bon Jovi.

*in this case, this word is a great compliment

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