Monday, March 29, 2010

The Age of Aquarius

This weekend, as everyone who knows anyone in Provo with a blog/Facebook profile, was the Krishna Festival of Colors. I know almost nothing about the religious (or pagan) aspects of the festival...all I know is that it provides an opportunity for a bunch of BYU zoobs to go and mingle with hippies and feel hardcore and alternative and look crazy. And I really do love looking crazy (see exhibits A, B, C, and D), so I'm happy to chill with all the zoobies* and get my freak on.

Here we are early on before the real action started up. We still look pretty fierce--especially my hair, which celebrated by getting frizzier and frizzier every second.

Here we are, mid-festival...we've got our war (or peace) paint on, and we really have no idea what is to come. The communal throwing of the colors is waaaay intense.

Possibly one of the greatest, most epic photos known to man.

We're reminiscent of heffalumps and woozles, or maybe those elephants that Dumbo and his mouse friend see when they're drunk.

This is seriously what it looks like in the middle of the Big Throw (this is almost definitely the Krishna term for it); it tastes like incense-sawdust and fees as though one has dived into a pile of that sawdust with his or her eyes wide open. Totally worth it though.

Thrice have I shampooed my hair, and the pink remnants of Krishna dust are still hanging on for dear life. It makes me look/feel like Lizzie McGuire:

*Urban defines "zoobie" as:

"A term used in Utah, mainly Utah Valley, to describe the excited bunch of mormons that go to BYU and engage in excessive social activities. It's very common usage here.
[and to use it in a sentence...]

I was awoken late at night with chanting by who could only be the Zoobies, exclaiming in chorus that they were to, 'Paint the Y! Let's Paint the Y!'"

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  1. that is the funniest urban dictionary definition i have ever heard. and i would be a liar if i didnt tell you i have looked up zoobie on urban dictionary before.


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