Thursday, March 4, 2010

...and that makes you larger than life

Okay, so I got really into my middle school costume. I was told by more than five people that I looked ten years younger/legitimately like a middle schooler/exactly the way I was in 7th grade/other variations of this concept. This makes me feel very proud of my costume-making abilities while also worrying me that I have not changed at all since 2002. A lot of the blame must lie with my retainer though--nothing makes a girl feel young like orthodontia.

We all hit it out of the park with this one, seriously. This is especially middle school-esque because the only boys to be found in this photo are in the shadows behind us, apparently looking for snacks.

You know I'm a real all-star when I can bust a move even while wearing overalls and an unhealthy amount of glitter.

PS: pictures stolen from Alison's facebook...thanks bud


  1. I am so mad I missed this. although maybe i can just say that was my middle-school self coming out. never at the cool parties. haha

  2. Wow, before I read what was written above it, I really believed that first picture was an old picture from your middle school years! Crazy!


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