Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Late and Thus Probably Irrelevant Oscar Recap

The Oscars were a huuuge deal at my apartment this Sunday. We got take-and-bakes from Papa Murphey's, I shelled out $2.34 for generic soda, and we printed out ballots from the Oscar website. Unfortunately, I was convinced Avatar would sweep, so I put a stupid checkmark next to it almost every time I saw it so I could win the candy bar we had promised the winner. Whatever.


Ben Stiller was so funny to me. His deadpan was hilarious, and it was made even funnier by the fact that Avatar didn't win ANYTHING

This isn't the clip they showed in the John Hughes tribute, but they showed RDJ's starring* role in Weird Science! Also I love Tina Fey, but I had a conniption of jealousy when they held hands up to the podium.

*You see, this joke works because he's actually only in it for like three scenes. One of his lines is, "Girls schmirls!"


So my favorite dresses were worn by my three least favorite people.

I thought SJP's dress was supafly! Except I saw a side view of it and it was kind of frump, but from the front I loved it! ...except for that ribbon on her collarbone. She looks like that lady in that scary story book I had as a kid who kept her head tied on with a ribbon. Also: her hair was HILARIOUS!! Look at those frizzies. I feel your pain girl. But I'm not the one on the red carpet--get some Frizz-Ease.

Elizabeth Banks is very, very annoying to me, but I thought her dress was pretty, although it looked better onstage than in this picture.

Kristen Stewart is a person who I hate more than almost any other human...that said, her dress was bangin and totally Oscar-appropriate. I award her with a halfhearted thumbs up.

Here's my ballot. 11/24. My bad...


  1. agreed on the fashion comments. can i just say how much i despise SJP and kristen stewart. gah.

  2. I know right, but they turned it OUT! Hate that they worked it!


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