Monday, March 29, 2010

My Life is Exciting-ish

I'm currently in the middle of writing version deux of the story I wrote in high school about a boy with a unibrow who falls in love with a girl with a gap in her teeth, but I'm finding it very hard to concentrate because a lot of exciting things are happening this week:
  1. My FAMILY is coming on Tuesday!!
  2. Sherlock Holmes is coming [out on DVD] on Tuesday!
  3. I got paid this weekend and can finally afford to go grocery shopping!
  4. March is ending! What a crappy month this has been! (except for the Krishna Festival of Colors, about which I will blog tomorrow at work)
Woo freakin hoo!


  1. You know what else you should be looking forward to? My arrival back to American soil. Plus i must admit you look pretty hot/badass in your krishna pics. So you've got that going on, not to mention your new longish hair looks AWESOME!

  2. Nikki you know the mere thought of reuniting you makes me want to drop everything and turn University Ave into one big dedication to you, including performances by the JoBros and Selena themselves. Now that I mention it, that sounds like a fabulous idea! I'm sure the Brethren would love to come back to Provo


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