Monday, March 8, 2010

Okay, he is kind of a Baldwin...

Ok so my Oscar votes? Pretty humiliating. Even my sell-out, big ticket predictions flopped. I watched Little Giants earlier today; it made me faithful in the underdog and probably made me overly confident that movies I loved actually stood a chance. Details to come when I'm not so embarrassed.

Before my hopes were obliterated, I spent yet another evening in those overalls I bought at D.I. $6 well spent! This time the theme was '90s. While it's disconcerting that a decade I actually remember is now eligible for costume dance parties, the '90s really are my favorite era, so I was totally buggin. In a good way.

-Clueless, sad was it to see Brittney Murphey in the tribute tonight?? She'll always be Tai to me
-Baz Luhrmann's Romeo and Juliet
-Reality Bites
-Little Giants

Is this like a Noxzema commercial or what?

You have no idea how much I was kvelling when I ran into Madison! You go girl!

Not a total Betty, but a vast improvement

Whatever. I'm outie.


  1. Jordyn, I'm totally diggin your 90's threads. Why are all these hip dances happening while I'm gone? You'd definitely be fit to be on wild and crazy kids.(Please tell me you remember that show?)

  2. A. I love me some overalls with only one strap undone. That was a great time for me in 6th grade. I really rocked it. 2. I really wanted District 9 to surprise everybody and clean house because I was OB-SESS-ED with it. If I could put district 9 in some overalls with one strap, now THAT would be a good day!


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