Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Toilet Idol

So this season of "American Idol" is the absolute worst so far. Especially compared to the gloriousness of last season. I'm racking my brains to remember who is good this's really difficult because no one is memorable OR good. I do like Katelyn with the curly hair (but she sucked this week) and that mom with the dreadlocks and the teeth like baked beans (to quote the ever-wise George Costanza)...and that little Alex Lambert who looks exactly like Hannah Montana's brother is actually good. Too bad he shares his last name with the most inventive and exciting contestant "Idol" has ever seen.

The only thing I have to look forward to besides Simon's spot-on analyses and Ryan's sharp suits is Tim Urban. And his cheekbones. And biceps. (Hopefully they'll add a swimsuit portion to the contest this season...and forget to tell Big Mike.)

And you know what, haters, back off, because last night he sang "Hallelujah" and actually did a really good job!

UPDATE 11:57 pm:

This season really is going to SUCK. Four of the best people--not all my favorites, but admittedly good ones out of this year's suckfest--got booted tonight. Little Alex and Katelyn?!

Come on!!!


  1. Uhh he's got my vote. She said, quietly staring at the computer screen of lust.

  2. Do you think he reads the bible with his shirt off?


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