Thursday, April 15, 2010

Just some boys I like

Sorry I've been so list-crazy lately. It's finals week, and this is only way my thoughts will organize themselves. Also: I'm not sure why I numbered this, since my favorite one is actually last on the list.


1. Robert Redford

This isn't from either The Sting or Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, which are my favorites of his movies, but homeboy looks GREAT in this picture. Eeven though I am more partial to his counterpart (see below).

2. Gene Kelly

Singing in the Rain. Seen it? No? Well WATCH IT. It's legitimately HILARIOUS and Gene is studly.

3. Ryan O'Neal

Okay, do NOT look at recent photos of him. You've been warned. Instead, watch What's Up Doc and enjoy. (He's got little glasses in it!)
Also, he looks less like Thomas Haden Church than it seems in this picture.

4. Moondoggie from Gidget

I used my not inconsiderable Microsoft Paint skills to direct your attention away from Big Kahuna and towards Moondoggie. HOT. He wears Lacoste polos a lot.

5. Bernardo from West Side Story

Again, you're welcome for the Paint arrow. And for showing you this hottie.

6. Tony from West Side Story

Boys, take note: this whole retro, Jets look is HOT and back in style. DRESS LIKE TONY! (Bernardo is hot, but his style is too her-name-was-Lola-she-was-a-showgirl)

7. Paul Newman

Love him, love his salad dressing. I know everyone's always like, "Oh George Clooney and Brad Pitt are exactly like Paul Newman and Robert Redford," and I like George and Brad just fine, but NO they are NOT THE SAME. Dang.

In other news, "Glee" is back!! This episode was good, but I cannot condone Mr. Schue's skanky behavior! Get your act together!
The music was fabulous, as usual. This was my favorite, I think. (I'm lazy and the embedding won't work, so just click this link like in the olden days.)

Plus my man Tim Urban is still on "Idol!" He keeps improving (not hard to do when you start at the bottom), and I will die laughing in all your faces if he wins. Even though he won't--Crystal is a shoo-in, obviously.

[thinking] "I am so lucky to have such a devoted girlfriend like Jordyn."


  1. Ugh Newman damn. If I was ranking, I would say something like Clooney, Newman, Redford, Pitt.

    Also, don't ever apologize for a list of beautiful men! (Make more.)

  2. Wtf, Marlon Brando didn't make this retro-lust list? Not even in this one?
    Or this?
    Or even this one?
    Ha last one's a joke. Poor Marlon.

  3. Uh Mr. Newman has a beer bottle opener around his neck. Must be for his salad dressing...

  4. I KNEW you were going to bitch about Brando. Your complaints are valid, of course. He was ("was" being the key word) dangerously hot--like he could easily rip off my arms, but I would let him.

  5. I'm totally with you on moondoggie and paul newman


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