Sunday, April 4, 2010

This one goes out to the birthday boy with the arc reactor in his chest

phone call Robert Downey Jr. is receiving in this picture:

Me: Happy birthday! Are you going to Chili's for dinner? I always do. What presents did you get? Did you get a cake with your face on it? No? Well, we can't all be so lucky. Did you get a cake with my face on it? No? Maybe I gave them the wrong address...

RDJ: Who is this?

me on the other end


  1. delightful post. the scroll works perfect so you don't see you 'till the very right moment. lovely.

  2. and p.s. the word verifications that come up after i write a comment make me feel like i'm having a little conversation with you. i swear you came up with those words. the one for my last post: flolli. i'm sure you came up with those.

  3. I'm speechless, in a good way of course. This eases my mind to know when I'm having way creepy thoughts about Selena, you're having just as creepy thoughts about RDJ. I know it's different but just let me think it's the same.


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