Wednesday, May 5, 2010

"You're a poet, and you didn't even know you"

A Sonnet to Express My Current State

Today I left my phone upon my bed
Right now it sits alone, abandoned there
I couldn't hear the pleas it prob'ly said
While I was standing near, straightening my hair.
"Your outfit has no pockets!" cried my phone,
"You seal my fate by setting me down here!"
But I was singing Heart's great song "Alone,"
And now I sit at work, immersed in fear.
For I may get a text, a call, a date
And I won't know 'till it is far too late.

(Yes, I may be missing some lines to make this a structurally sound sonnet, but I don't care at all. Well, I care enough to make this disclaimer.)

Update: Nikki was right--I only missed one text, and it was from the daily automated coupon people. Oh, and I not only forgot my phone today, but I also forgot my keys and left my aforementioned straightener on. I nearly burned a hole in my tea cozy*!

*my monogrammed shower wrap


  1. Don't worry, just when you think the world cares where you are, what you are doing, it slaps you in the face. the phone your sure has to have some malfunction because it says you haven't missed anything will bring you back to your humble beginnings as it has to me many times.

  2. oh my word. that john donne class really had an affect on you. this is wonderful.


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