Monday, June 14, 2010

I missed the boat to complain, but I'm doing it anyway

Remember how that doofus Lee won "American Idol"? How on Middle Earth did THAT happen?!
Yeah, we're all surprised too, sir. And WHY in the name of all that is holy did they let him proceed with his goatee/sideburns/entire coif? It's like he walked into the barbershop (or whatever men call salons) and specifically asked for the Smash Mouth.

Anyways. I am just grateful that I will never see/hear the other contestants ever again, considering they obviously will not have careers in music after that disgusting display which was season nine of "American Idol".

Look how DOPEY they all look! I think the dopiest face belongs to...okay I seriously cannot decide. Least dopey face is obviously Tim Urban, but literally every other contestant looks 100% goobery. Except for the cute black girl and that dumb girl in the pink dress.

Top 3 should've been Crystal, Deedee, and Tim--Crystal because she was the best one there, Deedee because I hated her voice the second-least, and Tim because at least then I would've had something to look at.

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