Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Horcrux Update

I've always tried to be trendy. (This is inspiring me to post evidence of my attempts to follow such fabulous trends as middle part, wispy bangs, shirts with rhinestones and/or adjectives, etc. I've got horrible/spectacular photos.)

Anyway, I've got some of those newfangled Toms, and I love them because they make me feel like I'm cheating the system and getting away with wearing socks to work. I love them so much that yes, I think I would turn them into a horcrux.

For those of us keeping count, and by "us" I'm well aware that I mean me, that brings the list to
  1. new red Toms
  2. my necklace with English sand inside
  3. Pudge
  4. my gigantic collection of journals (I mean duh, right? Now I'm exactly like Tom Riddle. BUT if my journals could project a hologram of me at the time of my angst-ridden scrawlings, it would be way scarier than You-Know-Who.)
Princess Leia + Tom Riddle - sex appeal = 15-year-old Jordyn

Only four? I have got to get my hands on some heirlooms. I don't think my descendants are going to want a pair of shoes that probably won't even be as cool in ten years, let alone fifty years. And I probably definitely won't let any of them read my journals.


  1. Hello? What about shadowfax? Or dreamphone?

  2. [smacks forehead with palm of hand] You're so right.

  3. i love your toms! do they have polka dots. i am fairly certain i will invest in a pair in the fall. that will help boost my insta-cool rating... and might offset my farmers tan. hopefully.


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