Tuesday, July 27, 2010

One for the Ages

My hair looked better this day than it does right now, but none of you can see its current crappy state, so haha!

Today the shuffle on my iPod, name of Tom Riddle, has been outstanding. I was pleased by every single song until the mid twenties.
  1. "Walk Like an Egyptian"--the Bangles
  2. "Never Let You Go"--Third Eye Blind
  3. Beach Boys
  4. "Pinch Me"-BNLs
  5. "Jesus Walks"--Kanye
  6. "Drunk Girl"--Something Corporate
  7. Lily Allen
  8. "Talk"--Coldplay
  9. "No Sleep Till Brooklyn"--Beastie Boys (I audibly gasped when this one came on)
  10. "Hey Driver"--Lucky Boys Confusion
  11. "With a Little Help From my Friends"--Beatles
  12. one of those sweet DJ Earworm mashups
  13. "Oh Darling" from Across the Universe
  14. BIEBER
  15. Phantom Planet
  16. "Think Twice"--Eve 6
  17. "My World"--Avril
  18. "Gunpowder and Lead"--Miranda Lambert (pretty much the most hard-a song ever sung by a woman in the last five years. I love Carrie, but this makes "Before He Cheats" sound like Kumbaya)
  19. "Wasted and Ready"--Ben Kweller
  20. "Everyone Nose"--N.E.R.D.
  21. Sappy love song at end of Win a Date with Tad Hamilton
  22. Sappy love song from excellent Noggin show, "Instant Star"
This is where it started getting lame or Christmas-y. But can you appreciate the amazingness of this list?! 22 songs, no skipping!!! One for the ages!!

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