Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What my brain sounds like

Summer jams are a crucial part of the season. This has been on my mind for a while now, and I'm not just saying that because I want to be exactly like the Sassy Curmudgeon. These are the songs that I can listen to all summer long--whether I'm sitting at work, staring at Excel spreadsheets for literally six hours out of my eight hour work day and jamming out privately with my headphones; riding shotgun in Alex's bug, gearing up for hella good times in Salt Lake with our long lost London lovers; or busting out my dance moves in my bedroom while I'm deciding what to wear--the dance moves I only allow my reflection to see because the public is just not ready.

  • "I'm Your Daddy" by Weezer--This is on Weezer's Raditude CD, which got almost no attention aside from Carly and me, and that is a crying shame because it is a rrrrrockin CD. I love this song very very very much. I love that Weezer is always talking about how much cooler certain girls are than other girls. Sometimes certain girls ARE cooler than other girls, and more songs should be written about how cool girls are rather than how hot they are. Right? RIGHT??!?!
  • "I Want it That Way" by the Backstreet Boys--An amazing song made even more amazing by the fact that I now know the Boys personally. Ish.
  • "The One" by the Backstreet Boys--Another legitimately awesome song.
  • "Carry Out" by Timbaland and Justin Timberlake--I listen to this song at all times, seriously: work (I am in a constant state of dance party at my desk because I have to listen to this song a minimum of three consecutive times everyday), the shower, my room, I sing it aloud while driving around on my scooter...I love it.
  • "Your Love" by the Outfield--A late addition to my Veni Vidi Vici playlist. This song is SO GOOD and EPIC and BEAUTIFUL and makes my arms raise themselves above my head and my hands form themselves into fists. All on their own accord!
  • "Take Me Home Tonight" by Eddie Money--Another sweet power ballad/rock arena ear candy. Love this crap.
  • "The Blues are Still Blue" by Belle & Sebastian--Studies show that no one can listen to this song without smiling and/or tapping their toes.
  • "It's Your Thing" by the Jackson 5--This song rules. In other news, the Jackson 5 was...were?...an excellent band.
...and I've still got August to come up with even more gut-wrenching hits!

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  1. so much props on the Jackson 5 song. They will never be uncool!


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