Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sweet Relief

EVENTS THAT RESULT IN ME HEAVING A MASSIVE SIGH OF RELIEF (or at least ones that have been on my mind today)
  1. Smelling stinky feet, paranoid that the fumes are coming from my own feet, but physically sniffing my own feet and discovering that the smell is coming from neighboring feet.
  2. Finding my wallet after destroying my entire bedroom/living room/purse/backpack/scooter trunk in a rabid search for the wallet, which obviously contains no money--just old movie ticket stubs, my Tube pass from London, and my drivers license. Oh and my Seven Peaks season pass that says my name is "Jordan Kennedy."
  3. Discovering that a paper is due in two more days instead of in one more day.
  4. Realizing that my apartment isn't haunted (one time this past Winter semester, for approximately 30 seconds at 2-ish in the morning, I really thought the apartment was haunted and that the devil himself was there to collect me to burn in Hell forever. Luckily it was just Tabby coming back from the bathroom. The whole story is actually a really good one, and maybe I will tell it here someday.)
  5. Waking up in a freak-out, thinking it's 10 A.M. and I've missed work/test/class*, when I see that I actually have plenty of time to get ready.
  6. Thinking that you just saw someone crazy from high school and are now doomed to have a super awkward conversation, but then realizing that it wasn't him. Or her.

*Ha! Whenever I legitimately sleep in and miss class (provided that it's just a regular class day, not a test or something), I feel FABULOUS. I don't feel guilty at all. It's like my body told me to take a Non-Contact Day, like we used to have in elementary through high school.

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