Friday, October 8, 2010


  • "Daria" season: 3

  • page in HP and the O of the P chapter 9, paperback: 163

  • character on "Grey's": little Grey

  • new cd: Sara Bareilles

  • new Taco Bell sauce: verde

  • cardigan: the teal one? or the new gray one

  • day this week: Tuesday

  • dessert at the Cannon Center tonight: some chocolate mousse stuff

  • font this semester: Georgia

  • song on the walk home from school today: "Fix You" had been a while since my ears heard the whole thing and it was epic, just like it was in high school

  • Backstreet Boy song (in no particular order, really): "I Want it That Way," "The One," "Shape of my Heart"

  • Microsoft Office component: OneNote

  • Robert Downey Jr. daydream today: the one where he dons a suit and little glasses and we sit on the couch and read Harry Potter and then discuss it (If that doesn't scream "I'm a virgin," I don't know what does)

  • thing about my face: my skin's finally starting to clear up

  • thing about this week: it's finally over

  • thing about my stupid idiot Comms 101 class: I got through like 3 chapters of HP and the O of the P today
Here are Lizzie and me at Conference last weekend...she's going on her big awesome mission soon, and I'm going to miss her something ferocious.

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