Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Hilarious photo, and then I act like Gollum

You guys, House Bunny is a FUNNY MOVIE. Look at their faces!

Every time I look I'm like, "Oh her face is funnier. No wait HER face is funnier." They're both hilarious faces.

This blog is so not cool anymore. This movie came out two years ago. Cool reference, Jordyn! I'm the one writing this blog, and I'M even bored.


  1. Jord I DO NOT LIKE THIS ONE BIT. You're blog will always be cool, no matter what biotchy blog posts like mine say. And the House Bunny will always be relevant and one of my favorite things to discuss!

  2. And for the record, Anna Faris' face is much funnier because I can just hear the scary voice falling out of her mouth.


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