Thursday, October 28, 2010

Passive-aggressive retaliation for someone who doesn't even read this blog

As much as I might complain, both here on the World Wide Web and in real life, I love being an English major. The English major is one of the most practical majors offered at the collegiate level, and here is why:

  1. You learn how to express yourself effectively in writing and in speech. Well, other English majors learn how to express themselves well in speech. Written Jordyn > speaking Jordyn. But still.

  2. You learn that your reactions and opinions matter and have real value, and then you learn how to persuade other people to respect and even agree with that opinion.

  3. GRAMMAR AND SPELLING. People say that these things don't really matter, but they do and always will. Poor grammar and spelling skills are the equivalent of missing one of your front teeth.

  4. I am taking this AWESOME senior capstone class right now focusing on the teachings of Carl Jung, who taught that in order to achieve balance within yourself, you need to acknowledge not only your best traits but also your worst. Only when you accept your complete self can you really be at peace with yourself, your life, and the world. IT IS THE BEST CLASS EVER, and I wouldn't ever have even heard of Jung if I weren't an English major!

I might not make bank in any future career I may have, but I consider skills and ideas like these pretty important outside the classroom and/or workplace.


  1. many fortune 500 companies hire recent English PhD graduates because they can think logically, analytically and creatively. Also, they can express these thoughts in well constructed arguments through speech and writing. I rest my case - English is simply the best major.


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