Sunday, October 17, 2010

Whole lot of buzzkill

  1. Cutting the neck off of my BYU retro sweatshirt as a freshman. I should've sacrificed a different article of clothing to the '80s party gods instead because now I always have this awkward ratio of under-layer of t-shirt showing.
  2. Buying so much stupid crap within the first few weeks of my London trip and not just waiting until I knew exactly what I wanted.
  3. Watching American History X on TV...I watched the WHOLE thing. No other movie has ever scarred me as badly as that one did.
  4. Taking Bio 100 as a college freshman
  5. Taking Geology 101 as a college freshman
  6. Eating two funnel cakes as a family back in 2003 at a dog show...ugh. That is a regret we all felt/still feel collectively
  7. Taking an approximately five hour nap today instead of finish a ton of homework
  8. Not entirely appreciating A Bug's Life until this afternoon. That crap is hilarious. One line I never noticed before: "The streets will be paved with golden retrievers..."

Anyways, I learned this past Thursday that for my Comms 101 class which I hate, I have to go three consecutive days without using any media. Yes, that includes cell phone, computer (Internet, word processing, iTunes, etc.), radio, newspaper, books (I assume), TV...I literally don't know how I'll be able to do this. Three days?! And I'm not just concerned about you know, facebook, but what about if I have a paper or online homework due? What am I going to do at work? I hate this class.

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  1. Just pull an Amy/Candass and make your mom do it! HAHAHAH.

    ps- American History X is the worst. I'm sure that curb stomp thing originated in Hell.


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