Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tales/ramblings of a 16th-grade nothing

I was up registering for next semester (I batted like 5 for 6, thank you for home run being the lit & film class I wanted!) and I could've gone to bed like twenty minutes ago, but I had to stay up because that Jonas Brothers song about looking me in the eyes came on my Pandora and I had to listen to the whole thing and then I had to think about it for sixteen minutes.

I am enjoying the cold weather, but it all kind of sucks because I haven't even watched Beetlejuice yet.

In other news, my girl Carly is truly one of my best friends...and she came through for me yet again tonight by giving me a phone call letting me know that RDJ was on "Jay Leno." What would I do without you?

Another one of my best friends, Lizzie, is leaving on her mission really really soon...I'm going to miss the poo out of her, but she's going to do a grrrreat job! Also she will dress extremely fashionably and prove that it is totally possible to do so.

One of us may look slightly under- or overdressed, depending on how one may look at it...but whatever I was at a ward Halloween party.

...and now "Lights" by Journey is on Pandora! I'm SO glad I stayed up!!


  1. I miss the old Jonas Brothers. That song must have been written by Nick, after all he is the best actor ever remember?!

  2. love you. (and now i have Pocahontas stuck in my head- savages savages barely even humans...)


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