Wednesday, October 13, 2010

"Greater than" signs are really useful


  1. Good adjectives for describing the weather: chilly, brisk, crisp, cool, nippy...they saved all the best words for the most fleeting time of year.
  2. My fall clothes > my summer clothes. By mid-June, I am so sick of all of my warm weather outfits except for maybe two shirts. It looks like all the pictures taken of me were taken over the course of two days when actually I just alternated two different outfits all summer long. Fall means I can bust out my tights and hide my pasty legs, wear boots and not worry about sweaty calves, wear cardigans and not worry about sweaty pits, straighten my bangs and maybe they will stay straight all day...fall takes a lot of the edge off.
  3. Halloween! No other months give people the opportunity to spend 30 whole days thinking of a costume that will be hilarious and creative and yet immediately identifiable. Plus, as I've said before, Halloween movies are THE BOMB. I love Christmas more than I love Halloween (hence why I feel October is the SECOND best month), but a crappy Halloween movie > a crappy Christmas movie, any day, any time, any movie. Not that I don't go apeshiz for GOOD Christmas movies, but that's drifting away from the month at hand.
  4. School is more about social activities than about assignments right now. Yeah, a midterm or two is out of the way, but I swear it's November when things start getting really sucky. Or maybe I'm finally experiencing a semester with conscientious teachers who don't want to make their students suicidal.
  5. Ward pumpkin stealing activity. Last year there were casualties; I'm not not hoping there are some again this year.
  6. Have you ever tasted cider?
  7. Frightmares at Lagoon
I don't think I need to go any further.

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  1. haha i could not have expressed my feelings about summer/fall clothes better.


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