Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I am prone to run-on sentences.

And now an actual excerpt, unabridged*, from my actual journal:


"Today at the airport something truly amazing happened. So Erin and I land in Salt Lake, and we're leaving the terminal and just walking up to the baggage claim, when this dad walks past us going the other way (towards the terminals), and I'm just looking at him, thinking, "Whoa that dad is hot," when he looks me right in my eyeballs and his bright blue eyes glitter like Kate Middleton's freaking sapphire engagement ring
[supposed to be parentheses. Can you believe Paint doesn't have a Giant Parentheses button?!]

and it clicks--I know him. That hot dad is JAMES MARSDEN. [underlined twice] For real. JAMES MARSDEN!!! And while our eyes were locked not unlike Harry Potter and Voldemort's wands in the cemetary in Goblet of Fire and I was finally registering who this was I was staring at, he had this subtle, slight smirk on his face like he knew we knew who he was. It was so awesome.

"Plus he had one little boy on his shoulders and one holding his hand as they walked entourage-less toward the Southwest terminal. I mean, Southwest? We fly Southwest. We're out for bargains, not for comfort and/or class."

And then I drift off into a fatigue/titillation-induced spiral of unrelated musings--typical of my journal entries. But that actually happened!

*Can an excerpt be unabridged? By definition, isn't an excerpt an abridgement of a larger piece of work? So is saying that my excerpt is unabridged...a lie????

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I love vacation

Quick update before I start simultaneously start playing the Sims and watching Hannah Montana: the Movie:

  • Media Fast? Yeah, I made that crap my b-word. Except for when I'd accidentally walk in on my roommates watching Half Blood Prince. And when the radio would be on in a car. And when TV would be on in a restaurant
  • Speaking of Harry Potter, Deathly Hallows Part 1 was pretty awesome. Harry, Ron, and Hermione were finally believable as best friends, the scary parts were freaking scary, and it was just a quality adaptation. Except for this part (and sorry for the reeeeally bad video...this is really just to add something interesting to this post):

  • I installed the Sims on my laptop. I figure Thanksgiving Break is the perfect time to play it for the first time since my freshman year of high school. I'll probably have to uninstall it before I head back to Provo because I'd never leave my apartment otherwise.

Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow everyone!

Friday, November 12, 2010

The Berenstein Bears and Too Much Human Interaction

So for the next three days (Saturday, Sunday, and Monday) I will be fasting from all media forms. This includes the following:
  • cell phone
  • internet
  • computers at all--I'm not even allowed to type anything.
  • TV
  • music (this apparently includes iPods. I am going to have to fudge this one ever-so-slightly because tomorrow I have to cart myself and yet-to-be-named ward members 1 1/2 hours to Manti, and I don't want to force them into a music-less trip, so I will allow myself to listen to church music and possibly Christmas. But not any new music, savvy?)
  • movies
I am not happy about this. If you need to contact me, call/text/whatever one of my roommates I guess.

If I were designing this ASSignment, I would have made my students give up ONE form of media for three days. Like just the internet. Or just their cell phones. I mean, we're away from home! What if my parents need to talk to me? What if my siblings need to talk to me? At least that way I'd be reachable by either email or phone. What if I break my leg when I'm alone somewhere? Who will call 911 for me?*

What a buzzkill. So yeah if you want to invite me to something fun this weekend, please send it either by the US Postal Service, by homing pigeon, or by Occlumency because otherwise I won't know about it.

*Yeah right. That situation would result in me lying in my reflection paper because let's face it: I'm not that great of a student.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


If I do two posts in one day, it must be important, right? RIGHT. Thanks to Emily over at Cinebrooding, I found out that Robert Downey Jr. is now the voice of the Planter's peanut man. What a holly jolly Christmas miracle!

AND Val Kilmer is reunited with his old co-star (and probably his best friend) from Kiss Kiss Bang Bang as the voice of the Nutcracker, if the Youtube comments are to be trusted (which they generally are not but I believe them today)! Ah mah gahsh

"The Saga Begins" changed my life, you guys

I don't regret reinstating my Twitter activity because Weird Al has a Twitter, and I've always tried to make decisions that he might deem wise; thus I don't feel at all lame for rejoining him in the everlasting (and, might I add, stressful) quest to come up with the perfect 140-character-long quip.

Here is what came up when I googled "weird al friends," back when the plan was to generic-Photoshop my face onto the body of one of his friends standing by him. This was way funnier than anything I could have created.

Anyway, my stupid twitter name is @JordynCanady, shocker. Impressiveness is not guaranteed.

Monday, November 8, 2010

It's an EXPRESSION; it means he thought you were sweet

I have found so many cute clothes at Urban Outfitters. I understand the new hipster-y, modern-while-also-being-ironically-outdated, untamed hair trend...I GET IT. I generally think that crap looks cool.

What I don't understand is why they have their models stand there like they're my half-conscious little sister Tricia, age 8, needing to pee at 1 a.m. and waiting with the utmost agitation for me to finish brushing my teeth.

The cool kids: "This day is perfect!...but who invited Loony Lovegood?"

It really just reminds me of this:

I can just see the U.O. photographer..."No...Tai, move a little closer."

And all that reminds me of this:

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My love for flow charts = my love for Mad Libs

I wish I dressed in such a way that someday, somehow, I could grace the html of The Sartorialist. He just doesn't have room for a girl whose style is best described as young-librarian/Anthropologie-clearance-rack/pretending-it's-not-from-Forever 21/wore-this-skirt-three-days-in-a-row-to-work chic. I guess I do have a Vespa. I guess we'll have to test this flow chart out if The Sartorialist ever finds himself in Provo, the fashion capitol of the West Wasatch Front! (Click and then click to zoom in so you can read it...it's worth it.)

Obviously I can't take credit for finding this; I saw it on someone else's blog like six months ago. It's still hilarious though--have you ever noticed that flow charts make everything just that much funnier?

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The facts were these:

  • "Home for the Holidays" came on my shuffle today, and I did not skip it
  • I have the makings of a trophy-winning cold (as opposed to a common one...?)
  • My birthday is exactly one month away
  • There's snow on Timp
  • I made my annual Thanksgiving Break hair appointment today

Does this make it legal for me to watch Home Alone?